Frequently Asked Questions

+ What's the process on registration day?

We encourage parents to arrive approximately 45 minutes to an hour before the registration line opens. If your child is staying the night, upon your arrival you'll be greeted by a staff member at the gate. They will give you your child's/children's cabin assignment (i.e cabin 4b). If your child is a walk-on (not registered), we will assign a cabin to them while at the gate. Next, drive up the hill to their cabin and get them settled in. After you're finished make your way to the parking area down the hill. You and your child must be present to register. Doors will open at the stated registration time. Please have all prior paperwork filled out (i.e. paintball waiver/registration/etc..) to avoid stalling the line. The registration process includes getting screened (temperature, ears, throat, and head-check for lice), seeing the nurse (turning over any medications and dicussing medical needs), paying your tuition, and meeting the deans (leaders). At the end of the registration line, we have a camp store you're more than welcome to visit. Finally, you may say your goodbyes for the week. The children play with faculty supervision during the registration until everyone is registered, the bell rings and all the children go inside to listen to rules, introductions and separate into family groups.

+ What's the process for picking up my child?

If your child is an overnight camper, you will be picking them up at the cabins. More detailed instructions may be given by a greeter at the gate. If your child is a First Chance Camper, Go Camper, or a 2nd & 3rd Grade Day Camper, they will be picked up near the dining hall. A greeter will be at the gate with further instructions.

+ Is Michiana Christian Camp a Safe Place for My Child?

Michiana Christian Camp is a safe place for youth. We are licensed by the Michigan Department of Human Services and thus meet the standards set by the State for Children’s camps. All of our faculty, staff, and volunteers must clear background checks for criminal history and sex offender status. Additionally, they must provide three non-relative references before working at the camp. During a camp session, your child will always be with at least one faculty member of the same gender at all times.

+ Will My Child be Comfortable at Michiana Christian Camp?

During the camp session, your child will always be with other campers their age. If several sessions are taking place on the grounds at once, activities and sleeping quarters are separated. When you register for camp, you'll be able to select a cabin preference so your child can be with his or her friends. We serve three meals a day at camp in our dining hall facility in addition to snacks at the canteen. A salad bar and alternative meals are provided as well.

+ How Does Michiana Christian Camp Handle Medical Needs During Camp?

Each camp session has a registered nurse available on-site. If your child takes medication, they will be administered the correct dose at the right time by the nurse. The nurse has a cabin and a small clinic if your child isn't feeling well. The nurse has all your contact information and will contact you in the event of an emergency or even as small as an update with a sore tummy. Our nurses are very caring and welcoming whenever your child should need anything.

+ What if I have an emergency, how do I contact you?

You will be able to contact our staff through the camp office landline. Simply dial (269) 683-4403. If you can't reach anyone in the office, listen to the prompts and you'll be able to call a staff residence. All full-time staff live on property so we can assist you at any hour.

+ What if my child has allergies?

Our nurse, designated faculty member and entire summer staff will have knowledge of your childs allergy. Depending on the sensitivity, we understand how life threatening allergies can be and are prepared to confront a situation if an event were to take place.

+ What if my child has food allergies?

If your child has a severe food allergy and requires you to pack his/her meals, we make it a priority to plate your child's food separately/carefully and distibute their food as the others go through the food line as well. The same goes for others that have food allergies but can pick and choose out of the prepared food. We watch very carefully.

+ What if my child wets the bed?

In the event that your child would wake up to wet sheets. A (one) designated faculty member in their cabin would alert our staff quietly. When we recieve news of a wet bed, whoever is nearest drops what they are doing and claims the bedding, washes and dries, and makes the bed ASAP to avoid any embarrassment. We want your child to experience camp like every other camper without fear. We usually know after the children leave their cabin to go to breakfast and we can have it fixed before they get back.

+ What if my child gets homesick?

Our faculty will do as much as they can to comfort a homesick child by encouraging them to try the next event or simply talking through some fears. If a child is insistant they want to go home we will make a phone call and ask for advice. We will NEVER force a child to stay.

+ Can I come visit my child during the week?

We HIGHLY discourage parents or visitors to come during a week of camp. The reason for this is one visit could disrupt the program, encourage homesickness, or distract campers. If you need to come this is different entirely. Be sure to come to the office for a visitors pass and please bring your ID.

+ Will my child need extra money?

Possibly. Canteen (snack bar) cards (pre-filled) will be paid for on registration day. The only two reasons a child would need extra money would be for Mission Giving or to purchase items from the camp store.

+ How do I become involved?

Please refer to our Serving Opportunities page to see the many ways you can help with this ministry.

+ What if my child doesn't want to play Paintball or do an activity they are not comfortable with?

Our policy is "Challenge by Choice." This simply means they can go as far as they are willing to challenge themselves. We as a staff and faculty will encourage every child to try, but never force a child against their will.

+ What if I can't afford to send my child to camp?

We have scholarships to help aid in the cost. An applications must be filled out and sent in. We have a scholarship program called the "Bob and Ruby Clark Memorial Fund" to assist those that need it. You can call the office or visit the registration page for more information.

+ What if my child wants to bunk next to a friend?

We make every effort to assign campers next to friends based on requests. If it will work we will make it happen. Please let us know.

+ What if I have a complaint?

If you have a concern you'd like to talk with someone about, you can contact Troy Cleland, Camp Director, to share your experience. You can contact the office or email him directly at

What to Bring

  • Sleeping bag & pillow

  • Towels, soap & toiletries, etc.

  • Modest, one-piece swimwear

  • Clothing for all activities & weather (shoes appropriate for athletic activities and an extra pair that can get wet)

  • Flashlight, Bug Repellent & Sunscreen

  • Medications (MUST be in original containers)

  • Water Bottle, backpack, pencil, notebook & Bible

  • Spending money for missions, canteen & camp T-Shirt

  • Optional:  Stationary & stamps, Camera

Please label all belongings!

Please Leave at Home

Any electronic games, radios, music players, cell phones, or other devices, skateboards, snacks and valuables. Items not permitted at camp, including cell phones and tablet devices, will be collected and held in the office to be picked up at checkout.