Since 1967, we've been making Christ known through memorable experiences.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to cultivate an environment where real relationships with a lasting impact are developed. We do this by making Christ known through memorable experiences.

Michiana Christian Camp is a place of refuge; a place where people discover, grow and experience God's transforming power.

I’ve built relationships here that have lasted longer than I ever would have expected. This is the place where my faith became my faith. This is where I chose to truly follow that and pursue growth and a faith in God.
— Evan VanCuren, Staff and Camper

Our Values

  • Faith
  • Servant Heart
  • Excellence
  • Fun

Download a copy of the Michiana Christian Service Camp Bylaws


Michiana Christian Service Camp is a non-profit corporation affiliated with the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches of southwestern Michigan and northwestern Indiana. Since Churches of Christ and Christian Churches are locally autonomous (no denominational headquarters or control), the camp is incorporated as an independent body with its own Board of Representatives. This Board consists of two to five representatives from each supporting congregation, with only two having voting privileges at meetings. The Camp President, Vice-President/Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Board members-at-large and Trustees are all selected by and from within this official body.

Long before MCSC was officially organized, a program of summer camping for children was being regularly held by our brotherhood churches. Beginning in 1954, summer camps were held at various rented facilities as time and staff allowed. Because of several problems, such as high rental expenses, limited use of facilities, inadequate building and frequent interference by outside groups, it was soon decided to seek a “place of our own.” In the spring of 1965, several interested area ministers met for the purpose of investigating this possibility.

Having considered and rejected several possible sites, it was learned that a large farm northwest of Niles had just been offered for sale. On July 4, 1965, representatives from most of the area churches met at the “Moore Farm” and spent several hours walking over the grounds and discussing its potential. After considerable time in prayer, the group decided to go back to their respective churches and discuss the idea with their church boards. As a result, on September 9, representatives from the various churches again met and created Michiana Christian Service Camp as an official and legally constituted body.

Over the years, emphasis has been placed not only on the camp’s functionality, but also on its aesthetic beauty. Eighteen acres of well kept lawn, hundreds of shrubs and trees, limestone walks and roadways, and an emphasis on the “rustic appearance” with cedar log buildings has made Michiana Christian Service Camp a most attractive camp.