Michiana Christian Camp Celebrates 50 Years

Since 1967, Michiana Christian Service Camp (Michiana Christian Camp) has been making Christ known through memorable experiences. Summer camp is the place where kids develop real relationships that have a lasting impact on their life. Hundreds of Michiana campers keep coming back each summer because of the friends they've made and the faculty who've built a relationship with them. And when those campers become adults, they look fondly on their memories of camp and come back to give their time as staff, faculty, and volunteers.

The visionaries of Michiana Christian Camp who looked upon an old farm in 1965 and saw Kingdom potential were spot on. Not only is Michiana Christian Camp surrounded by natural beauty, it is truly a place of serenity and an oasis for those seeking relationship with Christ. And don't forget about all of the fun that takes place at camp. It's been an exciting 50 years and we cannot wait to see what the next 50 hold in store. One thing that hasn't and never will change: we're making Christ known through memorable experiences.

The camp Executive Board and full-time staff have been gearing up for this anniversary for the majority of the last year. We started by examining the goals and purpose of the Executive Board. We've created a team charter, re-designed our mission and vision statements, and shaped our core values. We have invested this time so that we can continue in to the next 50 years with a unified mission. The Executive Board has excitedly moved in to the strategic planning phase of leadership development to begin shaping what the next 50 years will look like.

We're kicking off our celebration of 50 years with new branding and new website. We wanted a fresh and inviting look that attracts families from all backgrounds. Our new website is more friendly and easy to use. First-time Michiana campers can use the new camp finder tool to find the perfect week of camp and registration is available online.

Stay tuned as we continue the celebration in to 2017. We're looking forward to the official anniversary celebration on Saturday, March 11 at the Love Banquet. We hope to see each of you there.