Recent Name and Branding Changes

Dear Friends & Supporting Churches,

Over the past 18 months, the Executive Board has invested countless hours in leadership development for the purpose of leading the ministry of Michiana Christian Service Camp in the most efficient and unified manner. It is our ultimate goal to be a God honoring board that makes decisions aligned with our mission, vision, and values.

In recent months, a decision had been made to simplify the camp’s name from Michiana Christian Service Camp to Michiana Camp (and just to clarify, the camp’s legal name will always be Michiana Christian Service Camp). The rationale behind this was quite simple: First, there are more and more parents and students that do not understand what the term “Service” means, so consequently questions are asked like, “Does this mean work is involved at a week of camp?.” The term “Service,” in its original context for the camp, was a name representing the training up of future ministers and Bible teachers. We still encourage our students to explore Bible colleges and ministry after high school, but the focus has changed to an evangelistic approach due to the fact that many of our campers are not coming from a Christian environment and are just developing a relationship with Christ.

Second, for several years the camp has been known primarily by Michiana Christian Service Camp as well as Michiana Camp. Simplifying the name made it easier to say, print, and write. It’s also the domain name of our website (, which encouraged people to think short hand for its full name. So by calling the camp “Michiana Camp”, we really hadn’t changed anything many people had already become accustomed to.

Finally, we as a board didn’t believe branding the name to Michiana Camp would be concerning as long as we did not change who we are and/or what we do. Our intent was to simplify, be consistent with a name and logo, and to enhance our mission of making Christ known through memorable experiences. We are working diligently to create an environment that promotes real relationships through Christ for lasting impact.

However, even though our motives were ministry intentional, the voice of conviction through concerned individuals and leaderships among our supporting churches was made known. An unsettled spirit about the change was respectfully shared with us, and the overwhelming fear was that we would lose our identity and purpose as a ministry.

This past Saturday the Executive Board met and prayed for clarity and resolve about these concerns. We discussed every concern, compared both sides of the argument, and felt we do not want to move in a direction that would allow the enemy to establish a foothold. We MUST be a unified body as Ephesians 4:2-3 says to the church, “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

As a result, we as a board decided to proudly continue to use “Christian” in the camp’s name. And because so many agree that “Service” is more confusing than clear, we are now going to be “doing business as” Michiana Christian Camp (MCSC DBA Michiana Christian Camp).

We apologize for the confusion and misunderstanding. Thank you for your patience and we will strive to do better at keeping you informed as we move forward together.

In Christ,

Troy Cleland, Director

Chris Fleck, Executive Board President

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Michiana Christian Camp Celebrates 50 Years

Since 1967, Michiana Christian Service Camp (Michiana Christian Camp) has been making Christ known through memorable experiences. Summer camp is the place where kids develop real relationships that have a lasting impact on their life. Hundreds of Michiana campers keep coming back each summer because of the friends they've made and the faculty who've built a relationship with them. And when those campers become adults, they look fondly on their memories of camp and come back to give their time as staff, faculty, and volunteers.

The visionaries of Michiana Christian Camp who looked upon an old farm in 1965 and saw Kingdom potential were spot on. Not only is Michiana Christian Camp surrounded by natural beauty, it is truly a place of serenity and an oasis for those seeking relationship with Christ. And don't forget about all of the fun that takes place at camp. It's been an exciting 50 years and we cannot wait to see what the next 50 hold in store. One thing that hasn't and never will change: we're making Christ known through memorable experiences.

The camp Executive Board and full-time staff have been gearing up for this anniversary for the majority of the last year. We started by examining the goals and purpose of the Executive Board. We've created a team charter, re-designed our mission and vision statements, and shaped our core values. We have invested this time so that we can continue in to the next 50 years with a unified mission. The Executive Board has excitedly moved in to the strategic planning phase of leadership development to begin shaping what the next 50 years will look like.

We're kicking off our celebration of 50 years with new branding and new website. We wanted a fresh and inviting look that attracts families from all backgrounds. Our new website is more friendly and easy to use. First-time Michiana campers can use the new camp finder tool to find the perfect week of camp and registration is available online.

Stay tuned as we continue the celebration in to 2017. We're looking forward to the official anniversary celebration on Saturday, March 11 at the Love Banquet. We hope to see each of you there.