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High School Discipleship I

Grades: 9-12

Cost: $285 if registered before May 15, 2019; $311 if registered after May 15, 2019

We have a lot of ideas about who we are. We’ve heard them from the people around us. We’ve heard them from the church. We’ve told them to ourselves. Some of these ideas may not be true. From the beginning of scripture, God has been telling us the whole truth about who we are. Join us for a week of worship, friendship, fun, study, and activities at High School Discipleship 2019 and discover who God says He created you to be.

Deans:  High School Discipleship is led by a Leadership Team which is made up of ministers and church members from five area churches, and has been working together to plan and run high school weeks at Michiana for almost 20 years.

Later Event: June 16
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